Friday, 30 April 2010


After many months and lots of hard work....I was ready to buy this beauty...this is my new camera the NIKON D5000

I have taken a few lots of photo's on it...however blogger is being annoying and won't open anything
However I went to alternative fashion week at Spital fields was interesting and some good stuff however there was some slightly not interesting and not very alternative stuff. but it was a good to go to.
I'm now ready to start taking some nice photo's or start doing themed shoots for fun...I've also got a few friends doing photography at LCF next year so can really start to get into it. Can't wait to get photoshop on my computer too and start to play around with photo's...Portabello and Brick Lane this weekend if the weather is OK !

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Charity SHOPPNG !

I couldn't go long with out feeding my addiction...and with great lack of funds what better way then browsing (with intend to find) the charity shops and
as well as helping out a charity....I find you can sometimes get some real gems, and your likely to find something that no one else has...its like cheap vintage shopping :).
My home town Kenilworth is known for its amount of charity shops and you can normally always go out and find something good.
These two pieces are from Acorn (a children's charity)

This is a size 14 but it works as a dress. The different layers make it more interesting and for £3.25 a BARGAIN !!!

The belt is leather and at cost me £1.95 :)

another one to add to the collection!

Now I put 2 and 2 together and here is my charity shop outfit ...working so well.

Just wanted to share my finds with you...hope you like them


Thursday, 8 April 2010

What to do on a sunny day ...?

Now it was a beautiful day in the shire today...and what better to do then take a stroll and eat ice cream...dress yourself up pretty and take photo's :)...
Two of my best friends Jo and Alice came over and raided my wardrobe, and donned a face a I took some old school photo's on my dads 30 year old SLR was AMAZING you had to wind the film on that's how old school it was and it weighed about a you will have to wait till those are developed...CAN'T WAIT !!!...but here are just a few of the photo's i took on my ordinary digital camera...i no not as exciting but this is all in the run up to getting my digital SLR :)...hope you like the outfits...and the photos....they are yet to be photoshopped because I'm not at uni for a couple of weeks and I can't afford to have it on my laptop *sad face*

This is my favourite picture of Al...just looks BEAUTIFUL !!!

I like this photo...the arms make it sharp !

We used a trampet my sister left when she moved out to create jumping shots...I really like them !
This is a dress from AMERICAN APPAREL...I love it !

I like fun shots like this however just realise my foot is in it ...not great!

Jo...wearing denim on denim...AMAZING !


JoJo looks stunning in this outfit...she has a great model look...she's wearing my Topshop body and my precious Paul Smith blazor.

Coat I made :) on my driveway...walking shot!

I really like action shots...they can sometimes be more natural!

I love this one of Jo throwing the leaves :)

I also made this outfit last year...I was going for the tweed look...

Next time hopefully ill have the camera and the photo's will be more impressive..but it was time we're thinking crazy makeup like GAGA styley :)

hope you like them.


Monday, 5 April 2010


I'm back and ready for more blogging !!! and to begin an outfit of mine.
However my trip was mega amazing ! we even hit the news for being crazed students in Salou haha...they make it out that we were thugs trashing the place but it was quite tame really...but I'm back now and excited to get back into the blog :)
It was a best friends boyfriends birthday the other night...and this is what I wore.

My friend a lovely dress

So classy... this place near me you can buy a bottle of Lambrini with blackcurrant in for so cheap and everyone was drinking of course I felt obliged haha
It was a good night...and its good too be back sharing!
Shirt: Charity shop
Belt: Mothers wardrobe
Dress: Topshop