Saturday, 30 January 2010

Having a good...Aura

Thursday night...

We went out with a promotions company to Vendome and Aura and I think I spend about £3 all night... Amazing.

I'm, not sure what look I was going for tonight but I brought this pretty dress in the January sales and haven't worn it yet so I was determined to and didn't really think about the rest of my outfit...but I like to think it all came together in the end...with out any outfit crisis..always a good thing!

Apart from the fact somebody said that I looked like Lady GaGa...I didn't know whether to be happy or wuna shoot them ! Shes a cool girl but she is a bit ..a lot weird in the way she dresses anyway...couldn't tell you what her personality was like..I am yet to meet her...but all in good time my friends hehe this is London.

Pre-drinks at Vendome.

OMG ! this was a random cubicle at Aura with two toilets in... I think this made my day !!! I seemed to find it and my friend thought it would be a good experience so we jumped in only for the lady to demand NO ! but after much convincing that we were not going to be taking drugs and just found it hilarious she let us !!! HILARIOUS!!!

This girl was with us but I wasn't sure of her name but I liked her outfit I thought it was cute...

Hopefully this sums up the night in just a few photos...I no I do tend to ramble on but I can't help it !!!
Also we saw model Misha Simson again....wearing the SAME DRESS that we saw her in before !!! haha and it was only like two week ago that I saw her, they were with a bunch of model people.

But all in all a good night... x x x

Friday, 29 January 2010

Picture time !!!

Ahhh the start of our trip and the begining of much galavanting...and many crepes, chocolat chaud, and vin chaud.

Next to river (the Seine) the views our so beautiful. embracing the tourist moment here !

Us trying to navigate our way around the capital (their metro maps are so confusing!)

Me and the Arc de Triomphe...need I say more !

The most amazing Jewish cafe the food was lush...this is a smoked salmon with tomato and cucumber sandwich on olive bread which was more like a GIANT panini! it was a challenge even for me !

By the river again but this building was having work done to it and it had this big cover on it with the most random combination of people printed on !

By The Notre incredible can definately notice the newer part!

An amazing find...long live the Etam and we thought this was lost! Hilerious!

Just like the sign difference and thought I would share.

Loads of places still had their Christams decorations up it was so random, so wanted picture evidence to show you!

The metro staitons aswell seemed so much nicer than most of the tube stations here! all the posters were framed in these gold was a nice touch!

Beautiful buildings...I like to think the speak for themselves...enjoy!

Funky metro signs !!!

The most amazing floor tile I have ever seen I took a picture because I just had to show was so golden...imagine 100 of those in your house !!!

I think this was some kind of exhibition centre but an incredible building! and it had these crazy flashing lights in the roof!!! kind of like really fast twinkling stars !!!

A cute street.

Notre Dame...what a way to finish the slide show..I would recomend everyone goes to see it at some point in their lives !!!

Well these are just a few of the photos that I took but I didn't want to bore you with my complete album... so I just picked a select few I hope you liked them ! x x x x

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I am back!!!

Back from Paris the trip feels surreal, it was a flying visit! you would think it was like here, (London) everyone being in a hurry but it is quite the opposite everyone is so chilled out and the metro is the most bazaar thing, the doors open when it is still moving and people just like hop and hop off and the doors don't stay open very long so you have to be ready to run off!...there is so much to say it is so hard to try and get it all in and remember all of it !!! (this is just one of my many posts about my trip).

While we were there there were some couture shows going on because we kept seeing people on the metro etc with programmes and I caught one guys eye and it was very awkward because it was clear me and my friend were talking about him...maybe he spoke English !!! Tavi was there and so was the Sartorialist but missed them both although we were in the same areas at the same times it appears so GUTTED ! the trade show was interesting but very frustrating because you can't buy anything! didn't take any photos either because you weren't aloud and I did not want to get thrown out ! but the best bit was all the shops especially the designer ones! the Chanel suits up close are just amazing the attention to detail is incredible! I don't wear suits but I'm so saving up for one of those !!!! saw lots of sights and spoke lots of terrible french! and all in all had about 12 hours sleep the hole time! I have never looked forward to sleeping ever !!! x x x x

P.S all the buildings are so beautiful! I was looking to take picture of the Paris street fashion but the language barrier was just to much ! watch out tomorrow for all the photos and more info x x x x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Going away !

Well... I am very sad to say this but also very excited... I leave for Paris at 6:15 tomorrow morning so I will not be blogging for at the least two if not three days ! will be a shock to the system!

However don't worry...I will return with hopefully some great photographic evidence of my few days....

I'm so excited to get the euro star, I've never been on it before !

OVER AND OUT! till thursday x x x

A good point !

Today was like many of my days as a student not doing too much...I did the essential reading and started packing for Paris, yes PARIS !... and I was righting up my notes from one of my Cultural and Historical studies lecture I had two weeks ago and I remember a very good point she brought was our first lecture and she started with the question:
The lecturer (being a she) wanted a definition of what fashion was..and for me defining the word fashion and what it stood for was hard it was so difficult to just pin point it to a simple phrase or definition! some people raised there hands and said things like
'A means of expression'
and i thought yer pretty good and another...
'Time of the moment'
again another good point and then i thought is there any one answer for this question and then she gave her answer which I thought was good and pretty spot on...
'Organised change and development, using the past to create the future'
But this definition although true just made it seem a bit boring !!! I'm not sure what kind of answer I was looking for possibly something more exciting and mysterious!
But I think this question makes for a good point because to me fashion is fashion it is always changing and evolving, we know what it is and everyone has there own way of expressing we really need a specific answer?
From the very beginning fashion ' status' has been created by names and designers creating a hierarchy using the trickle down theory:
Fashion is a system of class set by people of high class and it trickles down from there through middle and then to the lower classes they would aspire to be like the higher class always wanting to be like them, however the high class did not want to look of a lower class so would develop new trends to differentiate themselves... and this is how fashion trends evolved, and to an certain extent I believe it is still true.
next and the construction of identity ;) x x x x

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Last night and the velcro wall !!!!

Last night we got tickets for SE one which is near London Bridge and its the most bazaar place... its in a tunnel!!! its awesome though.

Little did we know that one of the many rooms was a foam party...which you always say your going to avoid but some how in the middle of the evening it either seems a good idea or someone else thinks it seems a good idea to push you into the crowd of wet soapy people all rubbing up against each other (GAG!).
AAAANNNNNDDDD another room had a Velcro Wall AAAAMMMMMAAAAZING ! there was a mini trampoline that gave you extra height! and the suits bar a little smelly were to die for !!! haha but this wall made my night ! x

Katie and H-dogs outfits ! Love H-dogs (left) sheepskin coat from Zara even if she was sick on it one night!

Rocking the red lips tonight...thought I'd try something new I normally always go for the smokey eyes... but its time to break out of habits and try new stuff :)

H-dog's new top from Topshop... I like the style and fabric... unsure of the tassely hanging things on the side...but it makes for good decoration they just look so flimsy I could imagine someone just walking past and getting one caught and just ripping them right off one by one !

The bottom of my dress/top and my vintage bag... I love this bag I always use it...its so sturdy and reliable !

getting a sneak peek of my full outfit... but more importantly the Velcro suit ! very 80's rave

And this is THE WALL... and there is me showing you some was so much fun expecially when you've had a few beverages!

Friday, 22 January 2010

The new Keira Knightley

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(Evening Standard)

In the space of 9 years Emma Watson has made it from being an ordinary girl to being a mega film star with a Burberry modeling contract...they now think that she is set to follow in Keira Knightley's footsteps and has the potential to model for British designers such as Chanel.
She is just 19 !!! the same age as me ...I remember when they advertised the auditions for the Harry Potter films on CBBC and I so wanted to go, but my mother was having none of it!
She has done mega well for herself and I am very jealous! but also happy for her, however I think she would have to mature a bit more before designers such as Chanel start taking her on...but watch out this could be the new face of Chanel in years to come. x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Interchangable fashion

(If you click on the image you can read the article)
(Article from the Stylist last week)
Now the sound of the interchangeable wardrobe sounds good and all but if my boyfriend went walking around in a skirt and leggings I'd find it very odd, Jordon might not mind it, but it would be just plain weird!
I get where the writer is coming from, the idea of eastern countries styles, however they have always been around and remain all in all mainly the same styles and fabrics hardly changing and it is just standard for them...but the UK has become this fashion crazed country that needs ever changing fashion..I could hardly see men wondering around in a little sequin number and jeggings can you ???
I think though most of this article is interesting and partly true with the body scanning. In Selfridges they have a jeans department that scans you, it gets your 3D measurements and then you can virtually try different styles on without actually having to try them on, and once you have found your perfect style and colour they make them for you...this obviously takes time to produce and money. But i think this is going to be the start of something big to be prepared !


Although studying in the fashion world may seem glamorous it can be far from it with the large work load....I'm not to bad because I'm not doing a design course but i feel sorry for my friends that do, the amount of work they get is UN-natural !
My main work load is reading and research not just the long list of books we are given but news and fashion up-dates, trends etc...its a subject I love to bits so it is interesting but I HATE reading ! ill read for about 20 minutes and then get distracted by anything and everything...but here is what I wore on my trip to the library today...enjoy ! x

I love this dress i brought it in the sale...possibly my best sale buy this winter and look i even painted my nails a lovely pink colour...but i love the power shoulder look its quite dominent and powerful.

These shoes possibly the most comfortable shoes I own! apart from my ugg boots they are great I would recomend them to you all.

ahhh my leather jacket its so soft I'm loving the leather phase! however it makes me look boulky and its not as warm as people told me it would be...I used to work at Superdry so I got it 50% off which definately persuaded me to buy it I paid like £97 rather than like £195 or something similar I can't remember exactly but I couldn't resist

and the big plait! a new trend coming in to phase out the top-knot as much as I like the top-knot and the fact its easy and I really like the look of it! it used to give me headaches if I had it tyed up for too long so i'm definately in favour of this new look.

Argh ! I hate my photo being taken !

Shoes: Office

Leggings: Lipsy

Dress: Newlook

Cardigan: Topshop

Leather Jacket: Superdry

Necklace: Accessorize. x

P.S 5 days till PARIS !!!!!