Saturday, 27 February 2010


Yes I know I have been a terrible blogger this past week...I don't know what has come over me...probably because its been fashion week there is so much to look at and research so many new comers and some great classics as well.

These past couple of weeks London has been taken by storm by the amount of celebrities about...from the the Film Awards...and fashion week and the Alice in Wonderland premier the other night (which I was going to go to but the rain put me off big time...the drowned rat look really isn't working for me right now !!!!) and unfortunately the funeral of the late Lee Mcqueen ,RIP!!!

So I think I've just been a bit struck by it all not really knowing where to start.

ALSO I'm at my boyfriends in Gloucester (he's at uni there) and not much happens here at all...well nothing maybe I'm just trying to hard, the blogs just have to come naturally...

However I was rumaging in my giant handbag today and I found this, I had ripped it out of the metro I think to show my flat mates and to tell them that we soooo have to go and get one of these immediately...but it must of slipped my mind until now :)

Doesn't it look I'm a sucker for desserts, I will always choose dessert over starter if I had to...

and these are all the places you can get them !!!

I will see you there...I think one of my first point of calls when I get home to the big city.

P.s my boyfriend also wants me to mention that he got gold today at his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournerment in Bristol, and he got promoted to the belt above..which yes I went to being the good girlfriend that I am..not understanding that I was going to be out for TWELVE HOURS !!!! now that is commitment for you!!!!

x x x x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

LAST NIGHTS OUTFIT !!!! and me with straight hair!!!!

Now yes this is me showing you my outfit from last night...but more the fact that I have straight hair !!! shock...shock...
I never straighten my hair and my friends didnt even know I owned straighteners or a hair brush for that matter...but I do :) and here it is...I look so innocent.

Well we were ment to go to Mahiki last night and got all in the que and qued for so long by the time we got in we had to pay...and I have exactly Zero pounds Zero pence in my account till monday so I didn't end up going in but had a good night up untill then...had a great crack with friends...saw Lucy, Whitney and Billy from Eastenders possibly my favourite soap !!!! and the live show was yes...amazing !!! and the interviews after on BBC three...if you haven't watched it deffinately watch it ..and yes I was definately at John Rocha's house with his a/w 2010 collection amazing !!! surreal...but nice
Dress: boutique in Lichfeild City near Birmingham
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hussein Chalayan's Paris s/s 2010 WIG !!!

Now this totally skipped my mind until the other day...but...
To cut a long story short my mother makes wigs for TV and films etc.
and she made this wig for Hussein Chalayan's Paris s/s 2010 show back late last year....I meant to mention this ages ago but I totally forgot until someone mentioned his name the other day...
But look what an amazing job she has done...GO MUM ! he looks like a different man !

Now I tried to put the video on so you could get the full affect and I could do my mothers work justice however my technological skills don't seem to venture that much as I tried!!
But here is the link...take a look if not for the wig you can see some of his show and peoples opinions too.
Just wanted to give the mother Kudos for her work ...Love her !!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Mcqueen lives on...its official!!!

(Metro today)
Its official and has been announced, by the Gucci group, that the Mcqueen label will live on!
How will it do with out the big man???
We shall see !!!
It will be interesting too see if his morals of no advertising and crazy innovative fashion shows will carry on being crazy and innovative, making the headlines for doing something unheard of, and how will the designs compare???

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A. love magazine.

This is an article in the latest LOVE magazine it is towards the back and I just wanted to share this with everyone and anyone who hasn't read it...because I feel that this could have been one of his last interviews published....I like the man however a little odd and very far fetched deep down he had some very good ideas. If you take the crazy stage makeup away that he is well known for and the accessories, his garments are no more then great classic pieces!!!!
although from looking at a lot of photos of his past shows his s/s shows seems to be a lot tamer than his a/w shows...why is this???
He talks very creatively about shows in the future and how he thinks they are going to evolve using the comfort of your own office.
He also talks about how he doesn't advertise his shows and puts the saved money back into the business via his shows. I think a very good idea !!!
However there is also a section towards the end when he says 'I'm 40 now, but I want this to be a company that lives way beyond me.' I didn't know how to react to this!!! and I believe it could be hard for his legacy to live on as well as it has because he is known for doing most of the design work himself.
He is an inspiration to so many young people...and will be incredibly missed.
P.s sorry for not blogging recently I have had no electricity in my house !!!! nightmare !!!!
you should all definately
have a read (click in the image to read it)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

More thrifting!

Another weekend in the east and another vintage thrift sale...similar to the last one fill a bag but this one was on a much smaller scale! was at the Brick Lane Thrift Store just off Brick lane and it was on a much smaller was just there down stairs room it was absolute carnage! it started at 10am and of course the were there from 9:15... we wanted to get there early this time... we weren't making the same mistake we arrived and there was already people there! luckily not many!
However very disappointed with the stock they had..there was minimal stock and most of the good stuff had already gone by the time we got very much of a let down!!! however I feel I came away with some good and my friends split a small bag (£10) between 3 of us so I got my garments at less than a pound each which I am chuffed about !
So here is my first item a thin coat (unfortunately without belt...but easily sorted!) looks cute's quite fancy but I'm sure ill find the right occasion for it :).

Item numero dos! More of a summer blazer... perfect...I'm hoping for a good summer this year!

Item number 3...all my friends and even my boyfriend laughed at this...saying things like 'ooo we need sum new curtains in our flat'!!! of course I ignored them ! and look what I made out of it...

a cute little summery dress... with a black belt I think it will look really cute.

Item number 4!... it did look a bit horrendous before but i felt I could transform it and I hope I have done it justice!

Perfect...and nothing a bit of vanish oxy action didn't it back to its original colour in no time...and I made a another cute summer dress to add to my ever bulging wardrobe :)

All in a days work.


Friday, 12 February 2010

More spending £££

Now I know I have neglected my blog over the past few and social life seems to have overcome me however...I know where my loyalty's lie and I have come back with lots of photo's of my outfits from my shopping trip on Wednesday and from the retro fair last week.
Here we have one of my outfits from the retro fair...if you cast your eyes back to one of my previous blogs when I showed a flat image of looks good with the belt or without...the belt is from my mothers wardrobe and the boots that you will see a lot through these photo's are from Office.

This top I picked up at the Zara sale...I was shocked to still find good stuff left but I thought I'd take a quick browse anyway and well worth it !
The fabric is soft...and I feel I look sophisticated in this :).

Worn with my Lee jeans and some old boots from Bank.
This little cami lace jacket and Top (that I brought in a size 14 to make a dress) both from Topshop.
The bag is also from the Zara sale.
I feel this outfit is so cute and angelic...a great summer outfit.

This is one of the jackets from the retro fair...I wasn't to keen on it when I got it home...but now I have put it on and played around with outfits its not too bad...ill be cracking it out very soon!

see good with and without belt too :).

Skirt from the retro fair...rolled down and paired with a Topshop vest...a nice simple and affective outfit.

Love love love this jacket...wasn't to sure when I got it back like the other one, but got it on and did it up and now I love it possibly my favourite buy from that day!!!

and my final outfit possibly my favourite outfit for the summer, high waisted shorts...essential...topshop vest two for nine pounds...who can resist and my new brogues...with an old vintage belt and necklace from forever 21 in America.

Well I hope you enjoyed the outfits I put together...what else is a girl to do on a Wednesday night when she is not out on the town...but get dulled up and try on different outfits on and take photos.

P.s photo's courtesy of my friend H-dog...she was reluctant at first...but after a few frames she was loving it.



R.I.P Alexander McQueen !!!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Todays...makes an buys !

On my course as well as having mountains of books to read I find myself with a lot of spare I was bord and thought wouldn't it be fun to tie dye I went on a trip to the art shop round the corner..and they were out of black (my preferred colour)...and what they said was dark brown was there and I was desperate to do it so I thought that would do...apparently not!!! I love love love the tie dye look, however I think the colour is not working here!!!
Also I brought some new shoes (brogues) from topshop amazing...teamed with some long socks!!! I think I am going to wear these shoes, long socks and a pretty flowery vintage dress tomorrow..can't wait!!!

P.s tie dying is so fun everyone should be doing it !!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Long live Carnaby street!

Carnaby Street may be more than 300 years old, howevere its major heyday was back in the to mark its 50Th anniversary there will be a series of events going on in and around the street on Friday 26Th of February...there will be an exhibition at number 38 for people to view a number of artifacts such as the sixties paper dress and a rare copy of The Kinks single Dedicated Follower.

In June there will be a "Summer of Love" music festival in the street to mark the anniversary, inspired by the sounds that rocked the world half a century ago...
and in September there will be a fashion show linking the era of the mini skirt to the modern fashion boutiques that line the street today.

Carnaby Street may not be what it used to be, but there is no harm in trying to bring back some of that Carnaby coolness that was a hit so many years ago...I love what they are trying to do, and its a nice cheap thing to do with friends and family!

Definitely putting these dates in my diary! nothing like a bit of cultural history celebrated in a fun way !!!

x x x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The day of the Retro Fair!!!

Beginning the day with a 7am start...wanting to leave at half 7 but being the people we are we left no earlier than 7:45.
Walking to the tube station we realised we should have done our relative weekend tube closures research..but of course we didn't..and of course only the two closest tube stations were closed the whole of the Circle line was down along with the Hammersmith and city...and by this time it was 8 and we were running late on our what did we decide to do but walk to Tower hill...MISSION !!!! so it took us about 50 minutes to get there (north wembley) ...LATE !!! and what did we do...QUE and it felt like minus degrees!

so we qued ...

and we qued...

and we qued some more...FOR AN HOUR

and we could see all these people walking past with loads of bags that was one less item that we could potentially perchase...we were gutted and cold.
(next time...get there earlier...and research the tube!)

and more bags!!!

but the entrance was in sight!

from the inside...absolute carnage!

more style papping ! he always seems to get photoed wearing that denim jacket! people love it !

The items that i it was £20 for a small bag which thought might be a little to much for what you might get! however we managed to cram stuff in amazing !!!

and I realise that my photography skills do not do these items justice :) I will photo them on very soon...

and yes I do know there is a giant stain on this dress but it was full of lacey goodness!

This T-shirt I want to cut the arm holes and cut the sleeves off I will show you the finished good time.

Now just a few alterations I've done so far

and I'm going to play see it...

Now you don't...

made it a top and took the lining out because the dress was a bit too small at bottom!

Now you see it...

Now you don't.

I feel I may make a few other alterations to other items but watch this space...and yes that new lace top is currently soacking in my sink with vanish! that stuff is pure magic.

but all in all a tiring day but worth it...but next time we are getting there at least and hour earlier !!!

x x x