Sunday, 7 March 2010

looking a little blue !!!

The great thing about being a student is the excuse to dress up...and last night was no exception. A crew of fellow London College of Fashion goers and a few Central saint Martins. We gathered together to let are hair down.
We like to do things out of the ordinary...because ordinary is boring...and where better to get away with it then the eastend of London.
Our location... T bar near Aldgate..
The theme...SMURF!!!!

This hat was given to me by a randomer in the club I was only happy to was amazing !

When we got there much to our amazement it seemed to be a smurf night...there were two other smurf groups we were shocked !!!! but this made us very excited and they had amazing hats that we liked to run off with...they loved it.
It was a great night but that facepaint was hurrendus to get off...I am still finding it in my ears today !!!!
Why be in fashion if you can't do fun outragous things like this...everyone loves a bit of dressup !!! and if your going to do may as well go all out !!!!
All in all a good night.