Friday, 5 March 2010

Places to go...things to see!

Places to go...things to see I think will be my title for things such as this.
On my blog I not only like to post about my activities and outfits but interesting things to do and see mainly around London...I just think we are in such a great city with so many opportunities it seems silly to miss out on things that probably won't be happening anywhere else in the country...and that is the beauty of London.
This article is from the Stylist this week (which I love).
Click on the article to read it properly, but it has Twiggy's Life in Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery which looks really good, and another photography exhibition at Somerset House.
As you can probably tell I like photography...and this Easter I am planning to do what ever I can to get an SLR camera so I can start taking my own pictures (mostly of fashion) for you guys to enjoy.

So free up your diaries people !!! and enjoy x x x x

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