Thursday, 18 March 2010

Places to go...things to see!!!

Since my little blogging blip and my mountain of work that seemed to back up on me...I seem to have a lot of social and fashion events to be catching up on... and to name a few here, that I think all of you should visit.
Firstly in my diary is going to visit Hollands new collection at Debenhams, now this is a way for debs to bring in a younger, more fashion conscious, target market...and by the looks of things it is working in Debenhams favour....and from taking a quick peek in a magazine...the items all seem like bargins!!!

... Now I can see where the tash trend has come from !!!

Now some where between my London home and my parents home is Bicester village (near Oxford), which me and my parents love...and whats not to love about discounted designer wear!!!
but more to the point LFW designers such as PPQ and House of Holland will be opening up a pop-up shop (at Bicester village). There will be 19 designers from LFW selling their garments with discounts of up to 60%!!!
Now if your going to take a day trip anywhere it NEEDS to be here...I am definitely going to be there in the next few weeks...I will let you no how it goes if you don't go yourselves.
It officially opens on the 31st of march...and is open for 6 weeks.

Now another important place to go which is high up on my list is the photography exhibition for Carnaby Streets 50th I love photography and where better to go than a fashion exhibition showing images from the 60's up until now!!

they are also doing a limited edition book which I think is selling for £ I feel I am definitely going to buy one!!!
This is taking place at 38 Carnaby Street!



  1. Nice blog!
    Have a great week-end!

  2. i checked it out henry holland is fan and has the perfect leather skirt for a bargain price xxxxx

  3. just been looking at that smurf post! It is sooooo funny!
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  4. haha thank you it was a good night...i feel if your going to dress up you must do it properly :) and I went to the Holland collection today I saw the skirt however the whole collection wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be...I felt a bit let down by I've been so impressed by him in the past :( x