Saturday, 20 March 2010

Photos!!!! of my visits

Now like I said in my previous posts I had lots of places to visit and here are just a few places that I went and reviewed..I was excited for the day ahead...however it mostly a bit of a let down.
Firstly H Holland for Debenhams...I went striding in!
It was very bright and colourful...and I am known for liking bright colours...however I felt a little let down by Holland this time.
I am a big fan of his work however this collection just felt a bit limp and lifeless.
There are a few things that a might buy...but I feel I would only be buying for his name not the clothes.

and the shoes although cheap...the also looked it a little bit :s
I would give this collection a 7/10.
Next was the Carnaby Street exhibition...and I was really excited about this because I just love stuff like this (history of fashion, and the way things used to be).
But again a little disappointed it was just a small room with a few exhibition stands, as you can see from my photos that was mainly it ! I was expecting something a bit more like the fashion exhibition at the V & A.
There is also a limited edition book that was £16 at the exhibition it looked good but I'm unsure as whether to purchase now because of the exhibition let down :(

A small projection showing a video of Carnaby street in the 60's.

So i feel a little let down by my days events but never mind!!! I cheered myself up with a trip to Harvey Nichols :)