Saturday, 6 March 2010


So ever since Christmas I have felt that my eye sight is not what it used to be and people would be walking toward me waving and I would have no idea who they was at this point a week ago that I thought it best to get an eye test...
and I was not shocked when they lady announced I needed glasses...
Now it is a big decision...these are something that is going to be on your face 90% of the time they have to look right...and of course my friends and boyfriend all wanted there it took forever to choose a pair.
But here you are my shiny new Calvin Klein glasses...they fit like a glove.

I felt it needed a bit of red lippy here to spice it up.however very Secretary esc!

It is the oddest thing walking around with glasses I fell all of a sudden people are looking at me...they do kind of stick out like a sore thumb...but I like them.

But I feel like I'm wearing sunglasses and nobody can see my eyes so I catch myself stairing at people on the tube...its very embarrassing...I also feel very inconspicuous like a robber when I enter I shop I feel all attention goes onto the girl wearing glasses. I feel like I'm being naughty!

Nobody recognises me either

So these are my new best friends...Give me a week and I'll be Caroline no glasses because I've lost them or sat on them !!!!

Glasses are a big imaging changing thing.A MASSIVE DEAL! I felt best to share this with you all.


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  1. You remind me of Blake Lively. That's a great choice of glasses. Well, you'll get used to all the adjustments soon enough.