Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Todays...makes an buys !

On my course as well as having mountains of books to read I find myself with a lot of spare time..so I was bord and thought wouldn't it be fun to tie dye stuff...so I went on a trip to the art shop round the corner..and they were out of black (my preferred colour)...and what they said was dark brown was there and I was desperate to do it so I thought that would do...apparently not!!! I love love love the tie dye look, however I think the colour is not working here!!!
Also I brought some new shoes (brogues) from topshop amazing...teamed with some long socks!!! I think I am going to wear these shoes, long socks and a pretty flowery vintage dress tomorrow..can't wait!!!

P.s tie dying is so fun everyone should be doing it !!!