Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A. love magazine.

This is an article in the latest LOVE magazine it is towards the back and I just wanted to share this with everyone and anyone who hasn't read it...because I feel that this could have been one of his last interviews published....I like the man however a little odd and very far fetched deep down he had some very good ideas. If you take the crazy stage makeup away that he is well known for and the accessories, his garments are no more then great classic pieces!!!!
although from looking at a lot of photos of his past shows his s/s shows seems to be a lot tamer than his a/w shows...why is this???
He talks very creatively about shows in the future and how he thinks they are going to evolve using the comfort of your own office.
He also talks about how he doesn't advertise his shows and puts the saved money back into the business via his shows. I think a very good idea !!!
However there is also a section towards the end when he says 'I'm 40 now, but I want this to be a company that lives way beyond me.' I didn't know how to react to this!!! and I believe it could be hard for his legacy to live on as well as it has because he is known for doing most of the design work himself.
He is an inspiration to so many young people...and will be incredibly missed.
P.s sorry for not blogging recently I have had no electricity in my house !!!! nightmare !!!!
you should all definately
have a read (click in the image to read it)


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Kiss from

  2. I cried when I heard what had happened...the first day of NYFW. I can't imagine how his label or brand would be able to carry on without him. he was such a genius - my favorite designer of all time.


  3. I haven't read the article yet but have heard about it. It must be really moving, he was such a beautiful mind.

  4. so sad that he passed away,