Friday, 12 February 2010

More spending £££

Now I know I have neglected my blog over the past few and social life seems to have overcome me however...I know where my loyalty's lie and I have come back with lots of photo's of my outfits from my shopping trip on Wednesday and from the retro fair last week.
Here we have one of my outfits from the retro fair...if you cast your eyes back to one of my previous blogs when I showed a flat image of looks good with the belt or without...the belt is from my mothers wardrobe and the boots that you will see a lot through these photo's are from Office.

This top I picked up at the Zara sale...I was shocked to still find good stuff left but I thought I'd take a quick browse anyway and well worth it !
The fabric is soft...and I feel I look sophisticated in this :).

Worn with my Lee jeans and some old boots from Bank.
This little cami lace jacket and Top (that I brought in a size 14 to make a dress) both from Topshop.
The bag is also from the Zara sale.
I feel this outfit is so cute and angelic...a great summer outfit.

This is one of the jackets from the retro fair...I wasn't to keen on it when I got it home...but now I have put it on and played around with outfits its not too bad...ill be cracking it out very soon!

see good with and without belt too :).

Skirt from the retro fair...rolled down and paired with a Topshop vest...a nice simple and affective outfit.

Love love love this jacket...wasn't to sure when I got it back like the other one, but got it on and did it up and now I love it possibly my favourite buy from that day!!!

and my final outfit possibly my favourite outfit for the summer, high waisted shorts...essential...topshop vest two for nine pounds...who can resist and my new brogues...with an old vintage belt and necklace from forever 21 in America.

Well I hope you enjoyed the outfits I put together...what else is a girl to do on a Wednesday night when she is not out on the town...but get dulled up and try on different outfits on and take photos.

P.s photo's courtesy of my friend H-dog...she was reluctant at first...but after a few frames she was loving it.



R.I.P Alexander McQueen !!!!