Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hussein Chalayan's Paris s/s 2010 WIG !!!

Now this totally skipped my mind until the other day...but...
To cut a long story short my mother makes wigs for TV and films etc.
and she made this wig for Hussein Chalayan's Paris s/s 2010 show back late last year....I meant to mention this ages ago but I totally forgot until someone mentioned his name the other day...
But look what an amazing job she has done...GO MUM ! he looks like a different man !

Now I tried to put the video on so you could get the full affect and I could do my mothers work justice however my technological skills don't seem to venture that much as I tried!!
But here is the link...take a look if not for the wig you can see some of his show and peoples opinions too.
Just wanted to give the mother Kudos for her work ...Love her !!!


  1. wow I never knew it....

  2. Ahhhh that is so cool!!! Tell your mum Kudos!

    xx SAA