Sunday, 14 February 2010

More thrifting!

Another weekend in the east and another vintage thrift sale...similar to the last one fill a bag but this one was on a much smaller scale! was at the Brick Lane Thrift Store just off Brick lane and it was on a much smaller was just there down stairs room it was absolute carnage! it started at 10am and of course the were there from 9:15... we wanted to get there early this time... we weren't making the same mistake we arrived and there was already people there! luckily not many!
However very disappointed with the stock they had..there was minimal stock and most of the good stuff had already gone by the time we got very much of a let down!!! however I feel I came away with some good and my friends split a small bag (£10) between 3 of us so I got my garments at less than a pound each which I am chuffed about !
So here is my first item a thin coat (unfortunately without belt...but easily sorted!) looks cute's quite fancy but I'm sure ill find the right occasion for it :).

Item numero dos! More of a summer blazer... perfect...I'm hoping for a good summer this year!

Item number 3...all my friends and even my boyfriend laughed at this...saying things like 'ooo we need sum new curtains in our flat'!!! of course I ignored them ! and look what I made out of it...

a cute little summery dress... with a black belt I think it will look really cute.

Item number 4!... it did look a bit horrendous before but i felt I could transform it and I hope I have done it justice!

Perfect...and nothing a bit of vanish oxy action didn't it back to its original colour in no time...and I made a another cute summer dress to add to my ever bulging wardrobe :)

All in a days work.