Thursday, 4 February 2010

Everyone loves Lilly !

Just casually browsing through the evening standard...(one of my daily news fixes) and I stumble across a glance I didn't know who it was..then realised its Lilly....I love this women she so down to earth..however looking slightly Gaga styly here...I love the crazy hair however I would never pull it off myself...she's does just have such great sense of style, some occasions slightly crazyer than others if I do say so myself. but LOVE HER!
Plus..I love her dress!!!
Also I saw this in there aswell and I found this hilerious..although true ... its just odd to see it advertised like that! lol
Also I have this issue and it was £4 !!!! more expensive than normal I was shocked at point of purchase...really just saw this image and had to share because it made me chuckle

P.s helping a friend with her uni work tomorrow doing a shoot and we are doing it by the themes and on millenium many people are going to be staring at me !!!! but I will definately try and embrace it watch this space for photos :)


x x x x

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