Saturday, 6 February 2010

The day of the Retro Fair!!!

Beginning the day with a 7am start...wanting to leave at half 7 but being the people we are we left no earlier than 7:45.
Walking to the tube station we realised we should have done our relative weekend tube closures research..but of course we didn't..and of course only the two closest tube stations were closed the whole of the Circle line was down along with the Hammersmith and city...and by this time it was 8 and we were running late on our what did we decide to do but walk to Tower hill...MISSION !!!! so it took us about 50 minutes to get there (north wembley) ...LATE !!! and what did we do...QUE and it felt like minus degrees!

so we qued ...

and we qued...

and we qued some more...FOR AN HOUR

and we could see all these people walking past with loads of bags that was one less item that we could potentially perchase...we were gutted and cold.
(next time...get there earlier...and research the tube!)

and more bags!!!

but the entrance was in sight!

from the inside...absolute carnage!

more style papping ! he always seems to get photoed wearing that denim jacket! people love it !

The items that i it was £20 for a small bag which thought might be a little to much for what you might get! however we managed to cram stuff in amazing !!!

and I realise that my photography skills do not do these items justice :) I will photo them on very soon...

and yes I do know there is a giant stain on this dress but it was full of lacey goodness!

This T-shirt I want to cut the arm holes and cut the sleeves off I will show you the finished good time.

Now just a few alterations I've done so far

and I'm going to play see it...

Now you don't...

made it a top and took the lining out because the dress was a bit too small at bottom!

Now you see it...

Now you don't.

I feel I may make a few other alterations to other items but watch this space...and yes that new lace top is currently soacking in my sink with vanish! that stuff is pure magic.

but all in all a tiring day but worth it...but next time we are getting there at least and hour earlier !!!

x x x

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