Thursday, 28 January 2010

I am back!!!

Back from Paris the trip feels surreal, it was a flying visit! you would think it was like here, (London) everyone being in a hurry but it is quite the opposite everyone is so chilled out and the metro is the most bazaar thing, the doors open when it is still moving and people just like hop and hop off and the doors don't stay open very long so you have to be ready to run off!...there is so much to say it is so hard to try and get it all in and remember all of it !!! (this is just one of my many posts about my trip).

While we were there there were some couture shows going on because we kept seeing people on the metro etc with programmes and I caught one guys eye and it was very awkward because it was clear me and my friend were talking about him...maybe he spoke English !!! Tavi was there and so was the Sartorialist but missed them both although we were in the same areas at the same times it appears so GUTTED ! the trade show was interesting but very frustrating because you can't buy anything! didn't take any photos either because you weren't aloud and I did not want to get thrown out ! but the best bit was all the shops especially the designer ones! the Chanel suits up close are just amazing the attention to detail is incredible! I don't wear suits but I'm so saving up for one of those !!!! saw lots of sights and spoke lots of terrible french! and all in all had about 12 hours sleep the hole time! I have never looked forward to sleeping ever !!! x x x x

P.S all the buildings are so beautiful! I was looking to take picture of the Paris street fashion but the language barrier was just to much ! watch out tomorrow for all the photos and more info x x x x

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