Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Interchangable fashion

(If you click on the image you can read the article)
(Article from the Stylist last week)
Now the sound of the interchangeable wardrobe sounds good and all but if my boyfriend went walking around in a skirt and leggings I'd find it very odd, Jordon might not mind it, but it would be just plain weird!
I get where the writer is coming from, the idea of eastern countries styles, however they have always been around and remain all in all mainly the same styles and fabrics hardly changing and it is just standard for them...but the UK has become this fashion crazed country that needs ever changing fashion..I could hardly see men wondering around in a little sequin number and jeggings can you ???
I think though most of this article is interesting and partly true with the body scanning. In Selfridges they have a jeans department that scans you, it gets your 3D measurements and then you can virtually try different styles on without actually having to try them on, and once you have found your perfect style and colour they make them for you...this obviously takes time to produce and money. But i think this is going to be the start of something big to be prepared !


  1. Lol at men in jeggings, perish the thought! I've also seen the 'bodymetrics' section in Selfridges; such a cool idea. If only theu did that with something other than jeans.

    PP x

  2. I no...i would be first in the que ! x