Tuesday, 19 January 2010

6 days till PARIS !!!!

So i'm currently counting down the days till I go to Paris...going there for a trip with uni to the Pret a Porter show should be a good experience and watch out and get ready for all the photos ! This is why you love LCF you get AMAZING opourtunities and you meet people in the biz that you never would anywhere else...to think I was considering going to Leicester (de montfort) it would so not be the same although there is so much traveling here but its soooo worth it ! But I definately made the write decision woop woop bring on monday!!!
5 reasons to love PARIS !
  1. Another Fashion Capital
  2. Fabulous buildings
  3. Going to Pret a Porter
  4. Going out Paris styley
  5. Great shops and markets

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