Friday, 22 January 2010

The new Keira Knightley

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(Evening Standard)

In the space of 9 years Emma Watson has made it from being an ordinary girl to being a mega film star with a Burberry modeling contract...they now think that she is set to follow in Keira Knightley's footsteps and has the potential to model for British designers such as Chanel.
She is just 19 !!! the same age as me ...I remember when they advertised the auditions for the Harry Potter films on CBBC and I so wanted to go, but my mother was having none of it!
She has done mega well for herself and I am very jealous! but also happy for her, however I think she would have to mature a bit more before designers such as Chanel start taking her on...but watch out this could be the new face of Chanel in years to come. x

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