Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Although studying in the fashion world may seem glamorous it can be far from it with the large work load....I'm not to bad because I'm not doing a design course but i feel sorry for my friends that do, the amount of work they get is UN-natural !
My main work load is reading and research not just the long list of books we are given but news and fashion up-dates, trends etc...its a subject I love to bits so it is interesting but I HATE reading ! ill read for about 20 minutes and then get distracted by anything and everything...but here is what I wore on my trip to the library today...enjoy ! x

I love this dress i brought it in the sale...possibly my best sale buy this winter and look i even painted my nails a lovely pink colour...but i love the power shoulder look its quite dominent and powerful.

These shoes possibly the most comfortable shoes I own! apart from my ugg boots they are great I would recomend them to you all.

ahhh my leather jacket its so soft I'm loving the leather phase! however it makes me look boulky and its not as warm as people told me it would be...I used to work at Superdry so I got it 50% off which definately persuaded me to buy it I paid like £97 rather than like £195 or something similar I can't remember exactly but I couldn't resist

and the big plait! a new trend coming in to phase out the top-knot as much as I like the top-knot and the fact its easy and I really like the look of it! it used to give me headaches if I had it tyed up for too long so i'm definately in favour of this new look.

Argh ! I hate my photo being taken !

Shoes: Office

Leggings: Lipsy

Dress: Newlook

Cardigan: Topshop

Leather Jacket: Superdry

Necklace: Accessorize. x

P.S 5 days till PARIS !!!!!

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