Sunday, 24 January 2010

A good point !

Today was like many of my days as a student not doing too much...I did the essential reading and started packing for Paris, yes PARIS !... and I was righting up my notes from one of my Cultural and Historical studies lecture I had two weeks ago and I remember a very good point she brought was our first lecture and she started with the question:
The lecturer (being a she) wanted a definition of what fashion was..and for me defining the word fashion and what it stood for was hard it was so difficult to just pin point it to a simple phrase or definition! some people raised there hands and said things like
'A means of expression'
and i thought yer pretty good and another...
'Time of the moment'
again another good point and then i thought is there any one answer for this question and then she gave her answer which I thought was good and pretty spot on...
'Organised change and development, using the past to create the future'
But this definition although true just made it seem a bit boring !!! I'm not sure what kind of answer I was looking for possibly something more exciting and mysterious!
But I think this question makes for a good point because to me fashion is fashion it is always changing and evolving, we know what it is and everyone has there own way of expressing we really need a specific answer?
From the very beginning fashion ' status' has been created by names and designers creating a hierarchy using the trickle down theory:
Fashion is a system of class set by people of high class and it trickles down from there through middle and then to the lower classes they would aspire to be like the higher class always wanting to be like them, however the high class did not want to look of a lower class so would develop new trends to differentiate themselves... and this is how fashion trends evolved, and to an certain extent I believe it is still true.
next and the construction of identity ;) x x x x

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