Saturday, 23 January 2010

Last night and the velcro wall !!!!

Last night we got tickets for SE one which is near London Bridge and its the most bazaar place... its in a tunnel!!! its awesome though.

Little did we know that one of the many rooms was a foam party...which you always say your going to avoid but some how in the middle of the evening it either seems a good idea or someone else thinks it seems a good idea to push you into the crowd of wet soapy people all rubbing up against each other (GAG!).
AAAANNNNNDDDD another room had a Velcro Wall AAAAMMMMMAAAAZING ! there was a mini trampoline that gave you extra height! and the suits bar a little smelly were to die for !!! haha but this wall made my night ! x

Katie and H-dogs outfits ! Love H-dogs (left) sheepskin coat from Zara even if she was sick on it one night!

Rocking the red lips tonight...thought I'd try something new I normally always go for the smokey eyes... but its time to break out of habits and try new stuff :)

H-dog's new top from Topshop... I like the style and fabric... unsure of the tassely hanging things on the side...but it makes for good decoration they just look so flimsy I could imagine someone just walking past and getting one caught and just ripping them right off one by one !

The bottom of my dress/top and my vintage bag... I love this bag I always use it...its so sturdy and reliable !

getting a sneak peek of my full outfit... but more importantly the Velcro suit ! very 80's rave

And this is THE WALL... and there is me showing you some was so much fun expecially when you've had a few beverages!

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