Saturday, 30 January 2010

Having a good...Aura

Thursday night...

We went out with a promotions company to Vendome and Aura and I think I spend about £3 all night... Amazing.

I'm, not sure what look I was going for tonight but I brought this pretty dress in the January sales and haven't worn it yet so I was determined to and didn't really think about the rest of my outfit...but I like to think it all came together in the end...with out any outfit crisis..always a good thing!

Apart from the fact somebody said that I looked like Lady GaGa...I didn't know whether to be happy or wuna shoot them ! Shes a cool girl but she is a bit ..a lot weird in the way she dresses anyway...couldn't tell you what her personality was like..I am yet to meet her...but all in good time my friends hehe this is London.

Pre-drinks at Vendome.

OMG ! this was a random cubicle at Aura with two toilets in... I think this made my day !!! I seemed to find it and my friend thought it would be a good experience so we jumped in only for the lady to demand NO ! but after much convincing that we were not going to be taking drugs and just found it hilarious she let us !!! HILARIOUS!!!

This girl was with us but I wasn't sure of her name but I liked her outfit I thought it was cute...

Hopefully this sums up the night in just a few photos...I no I do tend to ramble on but I can't help it !!!
Also we saw model Misha Simson again....wearing the SAME DRESS that we saw her in before !!! haha and it was only like two week ago that I saw her, they were with a bunch of model people.

But all in all a good night... x x x