Friday, 29 January 2010

Picture time !!!

Ahhh the start of our trip and the begining of much galavanting...and many crepes, chocolat chaud, and vin chaud.

Next to river (the Seine) the views our so beautiful. embracing the tourist moment here !

Us trying to navigate our way around the capital (their metro maps are so confusing!)

Me and the Arc de Triomphe...need I say more !

The most amazing Jewish cafe the food was lush...this is a smoked salmon with tomato and cucumber sandwich on olive bread which was more like a GIANT panini! it was a challenge even for me !

By the river again but this building was having work done to it and it had this big cover on it with the most random combination of people printed on !

By The Notre incredible can definately notice the newer part!

An amazing find...long live the Etam and we thought this was lost! Hilerious!

Just like the sign difference and thought I would share.

Loads of places still had their Christams decorations up it was so random, so wanted picture evidence to show you!

The metro staitons aswell seemed so much nicer than most of the tube stations here! all the posters were framed in these gold was a nice touch!

Beautiful buildings...I like to think the speak for themselves...enjoy!

Funky metro signs !!!

The most amazing floor tile I have ever seen I took a picture because I just had to show was so golden...imagine 100 of those in your house !!!

I think this was some kind of exhibition centre but an incredible building! and it had these crazy flashing lights in the roof!!! kind of like really fast twinkling stars !!!

A cute street.

Notre Dame...what a way to finish the slide show..I would recomend everyone goes to see it at some point in their lives !!!

Well these are just a few of the photos that I took but I didn't want to bore you with my complete album... so I just picked a select few I hope you liked them ! x x x x

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